We all want to tell our story, we all need to share something. With photography, I’m looking for the moment when it all comes together, for that aurora that appears when light meets dark, like that split second in the morning when night turns to day. It’s that moment when you say, “Wow, look at that light, look at that person,” and you click the shutter.

This collection of prints represents twenty years of travelling the seldom-seen pathways of the world, voyaging into the recesses of human hearts and souls. I’m looking to portray emotion. Sometimes I don’t even take out my camera for weeks, just to get to know people. I’m letting people be who they are, not who I want them to be because I have a camera. One moment I have a woman telling me her five-year-old son just died, and she just buried him. Do I take the picture? No. I put my arms around her. It’s always an interchange. You’re always sharing.

Photography is like music. You can transcend the cultural borders. I don’t feel like a voyeur. I’m more of a historian. People and places come through my eyes into the black box that is my head, and through my lens into the black box that is my camera. But instead of preserving records of times past, I record that which is timeless, those moments of light meeting shadow, that aurora of joy and despair, of life and death, that surrounds us all.